Título: Micro and Nanofluidics: from Technology to Science
Fecha: May 29th to June 1st of 2019
Lugar: Pedro Pascual Center of Sciences in Benasque (Huesca, Spain)
Website: http://benasque.org.
Howard Stone (Princeton University, USA).
Detlef Lohse (University of Twente, Netherland).
Henrik Bruus (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark).
David Weitz (Harvard, USA).
Patrick Tabelling (Institute Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, France).
Daniel Bonn (University of Amsterdam, Netherland).
Alberto Fernández-Nieves (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA).
Emmanuel Delamarche (IBM Zurich, Switzerland).
Lyderic Bocquet (CNRS, France).
Contenido: The aim of this First Congress is twofold. On one hand, we seek to create a spe- cific framework where Spanish and foreign groups working or interested in Microfluidics can meet to discuss particular subjects, and where synergy between then may be created. On the other hand, it is also our goal to make this framework attractive to industrial partners, where they may help to pick out day-to-day problems that could perhaps be overcome with Micro- fluidic technology, or that motivate new developments.